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We offer different type of retreats for individuals, families, couples, corporates.

At the core of our work, we make you irresistible to yourself so that you are also the most beautiful being in your world. 


Cosmic Reviews

Siriya is not just a very intelligent person and a great listener. She also has a great empathy and emotional intelligence. She is a professional through and through and really knows her stuff. She has a soothing effect on her clients – you feel very comfortable in her presence. 

Oslo, Norway

Feedback after a full experience session combining homeopathy, bioresonance, biofeedback, hands on healing, Psycho energetic Healing & Chanelling. 

Highly recommended! I had the honour to have a session with Siriya and it was absolutely amazing. She’s very empathic, supportive and with a smart intuition she understands quickly the deep and direct cause of the issue in your body. I felt immediately I could totally trust, her knowledge is very powerful. Thanks Amèle I wish you all the best in your carreer, life purpose and personal life.

Ibiza, Spain

Acnea – Headaches – Low Self Esteem 

My experience with Siriya has been great from the very beginning when she managed to treat my skin problems and to bring back up my energy level. Any time I have a problem she will find the right remedy for it. I really like the fact that  Siriya tries to get to the root cause in order to identify the correct remedy. Every consultation is very inspiring and I really enjoy our talks: it’s always an opportunity to think over yourself and grow.

I have recommended Siriya to my friends. I wish everyone to benefit from her consultations!  

38 years

Anxiety – Myasthenia Gravis – Low Self Esteem

Dear Siriya, here’s just a little note of great thanks and much gratitude for all you have done for me. Thank you for all your care, time, attention and expertise. It’s been quite a journey so far and I know I couldn’t have found myself in more capable hands.”  

42 years

Soul Searching 

I came to a block in my life and couldn’t cope emotionally or spiritually and felt very numb and disappointed , my soul was very weak in every way and my work relationship with everyone and especially with my love ones was effected in very bad way I didn’t even feel I knew who I was anymore.  As a practitioner who treated others and had good results in their healing, I couldn’t even do that myself. 

Then a miracle happened I met my dearest darling Siriya who I made appointment with for Homoepathy,  I really liked the way she treats me as a Homoepath. She conducted herself in a very professional  manner and took the time to listen and assess my health in a medical and spiritual way by giving me a positive understanding outlook about myself to apply and the treatment of Homoepathy which has helped me to manage my life again.

London, UK


Its my second time I visit Siriya in Unity Senter in Oslo and I have already seen a tremendous change in my symptoms. She took me in with warmth and treated me rather as a close friend than a patient. I highly recommend both Siriya and Homeopathy as a whole. Siriya

I myself am a biologist and suggest that physics(not only chemistry), spirituality (quantum physics!) and an open mind should have a leading part in therapy.


Retreaters in Ibiza

“Such a beautiful house and home, an ideal location, lovely family, including protective caring dogs and the sweetest kittens! Siriya is an AMAZING and inspiring women, I felt welcome , at home and part of the family …It was a special and magical experience – honestly couldn’t be more grateful!

London, UK

Energy & general health 

True believer in the healing properties in Homeopathy .. my energy levels are up and feel this is down to the positive changes I’m making – thank you! 

London, UK

I have recently being diagnosed with under active thyroid and was told to take the traditional popular medicine, but as I prefer a natural approach, I opted for homeopathy with LightinU and have just received the result for a thyroid blood test, it has improved, the level has gone down, superb! Thanks On LightinU! Superb work!

London, UK


“I heard about Siriya from a very close friend. She recommended Siriya during a very dark moment of my life. After many years of trying for a baby, several IVF cycles and tests done nothing happened and we had decided to give up and move on. All the doctors agreed that, both my husband and I were perfectly healthy, so our one was one of unexplained infertility. 

I went to Siriya to seek support to start a new part of my life. One of the first thing she told me was “it looks like you don’t want a baby.. you are stopping this happening.. you are controlling everything.” I was not sure I had understood her words, but our first was so comforting and I felt immediately better.

I have decided to continue and trust her which was the most weird thing for me. I started following her advice as for the first first time a new hope was starting. She used to tell me, you will become mum as soon as you will lose the control. Losing control and trusting people was one of the most difficult challenges but I managed it and now I am a proud mum of twins, arrived in May 2017. 

Siriya didn’t focus on the infertility issues, she focused on me. It made me look at the whole scenario in a different way. Nothing was wrong with us. She is always available, I can text her, skype her anytime if I need support. Siriya does not only deal with homeopathic remedies but takes a holistic and spiritual approach to the whole treatment.I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone ready to commence a new and positive life. 

London, UK

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We offer different type of retreats for individuals, families, couples, corporates.

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