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Conscious HU-man seeking Peace,
Everything is created twice. First in our mind & then thoughts are manifested in our so called reality. Be Retreats Ibiza is born out of Siriya’s long standing vision of heaven on earth. How do we achieve it? How do we work towards something that is already here? 

Whatever we focus on grow, so before creating be retreats, Siriya focused on her vision. Restoring heaven on earth relates to bringing down Peace, an achievable goal only when we are aligned, Mind Body & Soul. Peace is a by product of this harmony in our body systems, it is a reward for those who start their healing journey from toxicity to Cosmic existence, from illusion to connection, from glycosis to ketosis.

Peace is only achievable also when we are accepting of what we truly are: we are not our Bodies nor our minds, we are not Feminine nor Masculine, Not East or West. We are the tensions between all that we label ourselves with. Be Retreats Ibiza are abode for those who truly want to reconnect to that essence & stay there, change, accept that change is the only constant in this multidimensional experience we call Human life. 

It is the Shadow that holds the Light. Together we dive deep into your murky waters & come back to the surface with your jewels, your gold, your diamond energy, all that you came here to BE and DO. 

Balancing DOing & BEing. Be retreats is also appealing to those who need remembrance of what it is to be . Human Doings reverting to Hu-man Beings. For in that qualitative presence, we renounce all agitations, inflammations, chronic diseases, acute diseases, & embrace homeostasis or one could say a state of equilibrium. 

We offer different type of retreats for individuals, families, couples, corporates. At the core of our work, we make you irresistible to yourself so that you are also the most beautiful being in your world.
Come to Ibiza, Come Home!
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