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Half Term Digital Detox & Creation

Disconnect to Reconnect
Technology, digital medias, video games have invaded our lives for decades. Our society has become beautifully digitised. We all spend hours in a day behind our screens. There has been growing concerns for the mental health of our children. This retreat offers a solution for parents and carers as well as for children. We together disconnect from our screens for 2 days, connect with our Self first & co-create together a vision in which devices , smartphones, laptops work for us and not the other way around. This retreat is designed in partnership with Veronique Kox, a graphic designer from Holland who has years of experience creating in the digital age & also teaching children. 
After our period of disconnection from media which will be filled with arts, crafts, outdoor fun & laughter, we offer your kids and yourself the opportunity to learn amazing skills. The Digital era is here to stay. Learn and teach your child to become a creator for his or her own benefit as well as the benefit of the community: The Perfect Picture, How to present yourself in a video & Short Movie. 
Retreat Program

Day 1  Arrival Day  

Day 2 Superfood Breakfast – Our Digital Detox intro circle – Volley Ball or Yoga – Living Superfood Lunch Buffet – Personal Consultations – Dinner – Board Games Evening. 

Day 3 Superfood Breakfast – Gathering Circle/Tai Chi Qi Gong/Setting Intentions – Sacred Geometry Kids & Adults Painting Workshop – Living Superfood Lunch Buffet – Hiking Atlantis – Dinner – Story Telling

Day 4 Superfood Breakfast – Our Digital Co-Creation Intro Circle – Workshop The Perfect Picture – Living Superfood Lunch Buffet – Free Screen time (put in practice what you have learnt!) followed by short local hike – Dinner Massage Party 

Day 5 Superfood Breakfast – Workshop How to Present Yourself in a Video  – Living Superfood Lunch Buffet –  Free Screen time (put in practice what you have learnt!) Short Local Hike  Dinner – Singing Circle 

Day 6 Superfood Breakfast –  Workshop Short Movie Editing – Living Superfood Lunch Buffet – Free Screen Time (Put in practice what you have learnt!) Hike/Beach Games – Dinner – Closing Ceremony – Ecstatic Dance

Day 7 Departure day 
Your Retreat Package


  • All meals (not on arrival & departure days) 
  • All activities 
  • All transport during the retreat 
  • All accommodation in shared rooms 
  • All remedies 
  • All Workshops & classes 

€ 1333 per adult per week   |   € 777​ per child per week


  • Flights & airport transfer 
  • Meals on arrival and departure days
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All bookings are final. In case of illness or force majeure, we will refund 50% of your fee is we have another participant taking your space. You can also pass your space over to a friend, at least 1 week before the retreat takes place.

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