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We offer also individual retreats , please check with us for availabilities in 2019.
Individual Be Retreats are for those sophisticated beings who require a total bespoke experience of healing. We have witnessed since January 2019 very fast recoveries for all our clients. Things don’t take time, they take, alignment.
We take care of your health plan, we truly design what works for you & our promise to you is to leave the island relieved from the ailments you came in with. We also occasionally travel to your place of choice to direct the retreat where you choose to be.
Now what others have to say about Be Retreats Individual program is definitively more important than what we say about it. Our life is dedicated to service.
“I never anticipated my journey to new beginnings via Ibiza and spending 10 days with lovely Siriya would be life changing in such a profound positive way. I have been wanting to be able to delve into my deep inner thoughts for years, but I have always been too scared and fearful of the unknown. Having spent these 10 days on an individual retreat with Siriya has given me a huge insight into homeopathy and the amazing benefits it has given me. I was taking powerful strong anti- depressants for severe depression and anxiety disorder for over 20 years which were ruining my life to the point I was becoming paranoid, over emotional and even more anxious. My periods became so bad, that I discovered I had PMDD. I had become so consumed and attached to prescription drugs to the extent that I was beginning to take extra just to help me sleep.
Yet, I became severely ill whilst taking them. My liver became very toxic as I was a prescription junky. I had constant Candida with immense swelling in my stomach and arthritis that was getting progressively worse. I had sinusitis, an imbalance in my ear drum and constant headaches. When I arrived with Siriya, I stopped all prescription drugs, haven’t had a drop of alcohol, stopped smoking and I don’t eat meat or fish anymore. Yes, I am having withdrawal symptoms which aren’t pleasant, but as Siriya has said, my liver is working overtime to clear out the nasty toxins from my body. 
Siriya has been a beacon of support and encouragment and I owe so much to her for helping me with my recovery. She’s an open loving and caring person to whom I have put my trust in. The time I spent with her has helped change my thought processes from negative thinking to believing in myself and loving who i am in a more positive light. She has helped change my life in more ways than I could ever imagine and I will be forever grateful.
A humbling experience with S, from Cambridgeshire, for Siriya, as a health facilitator and space holder. 
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€ 333 per day with Siriya

All bookings are final. In case of illness or force majeure, we will refund 50% of your fee is we have another participant taking your space. You can also pass your space over to a friend, at least 1 week before the retreat takes place.

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